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Escherichia coli adenylate cyclase homepage (Ecach) is intended for higher education and researchers in the field.  Ecach uses UniProtKB as a source for functional information on Escherichia coli K12 proteins and RCSB Protein Data Bank [Warning] for biological macromolecular structures.  Some readers will find it helpful to read chapters consecutively as there is logic in their order.  Students worldwide are encouraged to ask questions or request additional information for further comprehension of the topic.

Cyclic AMP in Escherichia coli
The CAP family of proteins ›››
Translation of adenylate cyclase mRNA ›››

Chapter I
In vivo regulation of adenylate cyclase
With color-coded version of the PTS ›››

Chapter II
The glucose specific IIA protein
The MalX protein of Escherichia coli ›››
CAP-dependent activation of adenylate cyclase

Chapter III
The fructose phosphotransferase system
The fructose repressor of Escherichia coli ›››

Chapter IV
Glucose 6-phosphate transport

Chapter V
The catalytic and regulatory domain of adenylate cyclase

Chapter VI
Characterization of adenylate cyclase mutants

Chapter VII
Purification of adenylate cyclase

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Ecach is supported by grant A-2006-00376 from the 'Reuben H. Fleet Foundation Fund' at 'The San Diego Foundation'.  Ecach has been linked to at UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot P00936 CYAA_ECOLI.

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Transmission electron microscope picture of E. coli with flagella and fimbriae [3,515 times magnification]
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